Acrylic Stir Stick

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Acrylic drink stirrers are the perfect accent to any elegant event. Completely customizable to be the perfect souvenir! 

DETAILS (Attention Please):

-Stirrers are sold in quantities of 6, and may be customized with individual names (please write name in personalization box)

- Names are case sensitive and will be copied as-is to create your place names. Please ensure spelling is correct.

- Names consisting of 2 parts, such as "Baby Boy" or " Happy Birthday", will be connected together without a space ("BabyBoy" and "HappyBirthday")

- Fonts may be slightly modified to make suitable for laser cutting:

--- Unconnected letters in a name will be automatically connected as one single piece

--- Dots in lowercase i and j characters will be omitted

- Acrylic names are delicate and should be handled carefully.


- Each stirrer is 5" long, making it perfect for cocktail glasses and champagne glasses. Length may be customized by request.

- Words are approximately 1 inch tall. Letters below the baseline, such as lowercase g, p, and y will make the overall height a little taller.

- Width varies based on the font and number of letters

- Names will be attached parallel to the stick (long ways). You may request them going across (like a T).

- LASER cut from 1/8" sheets of acrylic


Acrylic Stir Stick
Acrylic Stir Stick
Acrylic Stir Stick